How Do You Host a Perfect Pizza Party in Loveland, CO? Plan the Perfect Catering Menu & More

If you are a lover of all things food, you might find the perfect social event is to host a foodie night with your fellow food lovers. You might find that it is a feast for the senses to enjoy the company of close friends while you get to eat delicious food. One of the best cuisines for foodie night is a gourmet pizza and pasta menu. Mama Meads Pizzeria is here to share some tips to help you plan and host the perfect foodie gathering.

Plan the Perfect Menu

When it comes to hosting a foodie night, you want to make sure you have your menu dialed in. Choosing an array of pizzas and pastas will ensure that there is a little of something for everyone. Make sure you’re choosing a variety of different toppings that are different and unique. You will also want to choose two or three different types of pasta for your guests to enjoy. Not only can you choose different types of pasta, but you can also choose different sauces that are sure to please. Along with your pizza and pasta, you might want to consider some sides that compliment each menu option.

Create the Right Atmosphere

You will want to make sure you set the tone for your foodie night. Make sure the space is cozy and inviting for your guests. Lighting can play a large role in this. Not only do you want soft lighting, but you should choose some music selections to softly play in the background. You will want to make sure you have enough seating for everyone and provide them with a hard surface to put their plate on while they enjoy the delicious food. When you have set the right tone for your foodie night, you will find that the conversation is easy and flows well. Take the extra time to create a space where your guests feel comfortable.

Don’t Forget Beverages

Along with good food, you want to have some drink selections to choose from as well. Consider light, refreshing wines that pair well with the pizza and pasta dishes you have chosen. When choosing the wine, make sure you remember to match the weight of the food with the weight of the wine. You might offer some sparkling water or light sodas for your guests to choose if they life. Having some water that is lightly flavored with citrus fruits like lemons and lime can be a great addition to your evening as well.

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If you’re planning on hosting a foodie night, you can turn to Mama Meads Pizzeria to cater your event. We have a large menu filled with the unique foods that are sure to please all of your fellow foodies. Our specialty pies make an especially good choice for any foodie night you’re preparing for. Let us cater your event. Call us today!

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