What are the Different Pizza Crust Styles in Longmont, CO? Hand Tossed, Gluten Free & Other Slices or Whole Pies

Pizza is the food of choice for many people. Nothing beats a giant pie that is filled with delicious toppings and melty cheese. When it comes to pizza, the toppings are just the beginning. There are many different ways to make the perfect pizza. It all starts with the crust. You may think that is simple enough, but there are many different choices when it comes to pizza crust. Mama Mead’s Pizzeria is here to talk about some of the different types of pizza crust out there.

Thin Hand Tossed to Thick, Gluten Free & Other Pizza Crusts

While not every pizzeria is going to have every type of pizza crust out there, it’s good to know what types exist. Following are some of the different pizza crusts that you may come across.
– Stuffed Crust: This type of crust is pizza crust that is topped with cheese and a garlic herb sauce that is then wrapped around mozzarella cheese.
– Flatbread Crust: When you order pizza as an appetizer, it will sometimes come on a flatbread crust. This is a thin, light bread that can be a good choice for someone that is trying to be more health conscious in their food choices.
– Thin Crust: This type of pizza crust is thin and crispy, and is usually hand tossed. It usually doesn’t come with a lot of toppings since it won’t have the structure to support it. Many people like the crunchy texture you get when you have a thin crust pizza.
– Cracker Crust: If you are looking for an ultra-crunchy pizza, cracker crust may be the kind for you. It can be a light flavor as well.
– Cauliflower Crust: Pizza crust can also be made using cauliflower rather than bread. This is a type of pizza crust that many people who are gluten free may choose. It is also a healthier option that the crust made with traditional bread.
– Gluten Free Pizza Crust: Even if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity, gluten-free pizza crust is generally a healthier option for those trying to keep a healthy lifestyle. While gluten alone will not make you lose weight, it can help bring down the bloating and other embarrassing symptoms that many gluten sensitive pizza lovers experience when eating gluten.
– Cheese Crust: If you’re a cheese lover, you will definitely like this type of pizza crust. This type of crust has a gooey center that is filled with mozzarella cheese baked into it.
– Thick Crust: If you love to sink your teeth into delicious, soft bread, then you will more than likely love thick crust pizza. The pizza dough is spread out on the pizza pan as thick as possible with an extra thick ring around the outside so you can enjoy that delicious bread at the end of your slice.

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Any way you cut the cake, the pizza crust on any pizza is an important element to the taste and texture of your pizza. At Mama Mead’s Pizzeria, we have a large menu of different types of pizza and other complimentary foods that are sure to please everyone. We can customize your slices or full pizzas to suit whatever you’re craving at that moment. Not only do we make delicious pizza, but you can also enjoy calzones, salads, wings, pastas and more. Come in and visit us today!

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