What are Things to Be Aware of when Hiring a Caterer in Lafayette, CO? Food for Everyone & More

Are you planning a large scale party or event? Throughout the year there are many opportunities to host a major party for friends, family and co-workers. You may be planning a company party or you may want to host one yourself at your home. When planning a big party or event, you will need to decide how you plan to provide food. Sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution; seek a catering service! If you decide that you need the help of a quality catering service, Mama Meads Pizzeria would like to share a few tips about using a catering service for your next major party or event.

What Time Should My Party Be?

When you are looking or deciding on a catering service, one question that needs to be asked is “what time of the day is your event?” Are you having your party in the morning, afternoon, or evening? Not only will the time of day help you find the right food, but also how much it will cost. Early morning people are just not as hungry. For early morning events you will want more appetizers and lighter foods. However, by the afternoon or evening people will tend to want to eat more and more fulfilling foods. You will want a more robust menu for parties or events that are later in the day.

Does Your Party Have a Theme?

Do you need a catering service for a company event, or are you hosting a birthday or wedding? Often the nature of the event can help you find the right foods. For example, at Mama Meads Pizzeria you will never go wrong with pizza for birthday or holiday parties. We can provide calzones, sub sandwiches, pasta, wings and salads as well as great appetizers and desserts. When planning out your menu, the nature of the event or party can better help you create the perfect menu with your catering service.

Food for Everyone

One of the most challenging parts of hosting any party or event is finding the right foods and drinks that everyone can enjoy. When you have an event that involves both adults and children, you will want to make sure to have something for everyone. When trying to decide what types of food everyone will enjoy, you will never go wrong with Italian food and pizza. Adults and kids alike love pizza and will always make sure you are never left with a ton of leftovers. Many pizza places also include a more diverse menu that includes, salads and other healthier foods.

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Mama Meads Pizzeria has a diverse menu and ensures great tasting food that everyone can enjoy. We also provide quality catering services. When planning your next party or event, check out Mama Meads Pizzeria and see how we can cater to help you create an unforgettable party or corporate event.

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