What is the Science Behind the Perfect Pizza Dough Crust in Hygiene, CO? Ingredients, Kneading & More

The right pizza dough is the foundation for the perfect pizza. It is important that you get it just right so that you have just the right amount of fluff and crisp that comes together to make a delicious pizza. When it comes to the pizza dough, there is a lot of science behind how it all works. Mama Mead’s Pizzeria is here to talk about what it takes to make the perfect pizza dough and what role science plays in the process.

History of Pizza Dough

Over time, there have been many different methods and adjustments made to make what people consider to be the ideal pizza dough. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians were the first to use a flatbread to make pizza and it has evolved from there. Now, there are several different types of pizza dough ranging from thin to thick and all sorts of different flavors. Here are the ingredients and how it all works:
– Yeast: One of the most essential ingredients is a good pizza dough is yeast. This will give the dough the rise that is needed to make it airy and delicious. This living organism will ferment sugar and release carbon dioxide gas to make the dough rise. Different types of yeast are used to cause the dough to rise at different speeds and will affect the final taste of your crust.
– Flour: The type of flour you use to create your pizza dough is vital. You have to use the right flour. The most common flour used for pizza dough is either all-purpose flour or “00” flour. “00” flour is milled so that it is incredibly fine and is one of the most ideal flours to use to get the right texture combined with the right rise in your crust.
– Water Temperature: Using the right water temperature is a critical part of getting perfect dough. When you use warm water to make your crust, it will speed up the process for the yeast to make the dough rise. If you are using cold water, it will be much slower. The ideal temperature for pizza dough to rise is 105 degrees to 110 degrees F.
– Kneading: To build the right structure for your dough, you are going to need to knead the dough. This creates gluten strands throughout the dough and will give your dough the perfect structure and elasticity. Gluten forms when proteins in the flour mixes with water. Kneading will help align these proteins to create stretchy dough.

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When you understand the science behind your pizza dough, you can create a delicious base for your pizza. You want a dough that delivers in structure and flavor. At Mama Mead’s Pizzeria, we have perfected every aspect of our pizzas, including our pizza crust. If you’re looking for yummy pizza, you can come enjoy our large menu filled with delicious flavors. Call us today!

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