What is the Story of the Calzone in Boulder, CO? What Toppings or Fillings are Good Inside & More

One of the most beloved variants of the pizza is the calzone. Even before the hot pocket was ever invented the calzone was the first breaded wrapped pizza. The unique design of the calzone makes it the perfect on the go meal. Today Mama Meads Pizza would like to put the spotlight on the calzone and share where it comes from, why it is so beloved and where you can find the best calzones.

Calzones Come From Italy

There are many who believe that the calzone was an American creation. However, calzones come from Italy. The first example of the calzone was first seen in Naples, Italy. The word calzone means “pant legs” in Italian and was made for the men and women who were always on the go. Traditionally, the calzone was stuffed with mozzarella cheese, anchovies and tomatoes. However, the calzone did come with a variety of different stuffings and often depended on the regions and what foods were easily available.

What Toppings are in a Calzone

Even though traditionally the calzone was made with mozzarella, tomatoes, and anchovies, the bread wrapped meal allowed for a number of different stuffings to be used. The dough used for a calzone is a thick dough which makes it ideal for holding sauce, meat, melted cheeses and more. Mushrooms, peppers and onions are favorite veggies to stuff inside the calzone and is often paired with meats and cheeses. However, you can make your calzone however you like. Meat lovers or vegetarians can create a calzone that fits their tastes and diet. A calzone makes such an ideal meal and it is one you can take with you. You can eat it at work, while riding the bus or car, and even while you are walking. With a calzone there are a ton of flavorful options and it is something you can eat anywhere.

Are Calzones Baked or Fried

When you are eating a calzone, have you ever wondered if it has either been baked or fried? Which way is the best method for cooking a calzone? Well you can cook calzone either way. It is more common to find a baked calzone in restaurants. However, traditionally in Apulia, Italy they would fry their calzones. Although throughout Italy they would usually fry their calzone, some regions would also bake them. This shows you that there is no wrong way to cook a calzone.

Calzone for Every Occasion

Pizzas were not as largely known as we know them today. Where a single pizza can feed 3 to 4 people, a pizza pie was a single serving. Calzones still hold true to a single serving. However, some restaurants will do an oversized calzone, which can be cut into two or three pieces with each piece feeding a person. Calzone is great for any occasion. Unlike pizza that has the cheese and sauce exposed and getting cooled, calzones hold in the heat and seals off the inside stuffing from the elements. Calzones stay warm longer and they are less messy than a pizza. When you are planning a party or wanting to feed a few friend, calzones are perfect for any situation.

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